Don and Telka Dewing Midwest Indian Missions

Don & Teleka Dewing

Nate and Bethany Broughton Campus Crusade For Christ

Nate & Bethany Broughton

Mike and Becky Harrenstein Camp Forest Springs

Mike & Becky Harrenstein

Tom and Karen Virtue Campus Crusade For Christ

Tom & Karen Virtue

Bob and Jeannie Hall Bronx Houshold of Faith

Bob & Jeannie Hall

Ken and Joyce Swift Wycliffe Bible Translators

Ken & Joyce Swift

Gerry and Martha Schroeder World Venture Russia

Gerry & Marla Schroeder

Jim and Jan Barnhart Infaith

Jim & Jan Barnhart

David and Debbie Thompson Brazilin Land Mission

David & Debbie Thompson

Ntai Latikia World Vision

Ntai Latikia

Emily Dunham Young Life

Emily Dunham

JoAnna Thompson Brazilin Land Mission

JoAnna Thompson